Currently our agency is searching several specialists to extend our service portfolio. You are capable to size contractible synergies between (Multi) Media Design, Programing, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, Community, Event and Account Management, Insurance, Public Health and Dept Collection and know to unite this aspects to successful campaigns, business solutions and win win scenarios for our customers.


As exiting, megalolomaniac, compensensational and promisscuty-if character you are a scientific proven magnet for all kind of assignments and attract them with the indisputable inevitability like a black hole the light, while you shine a sunny harmonic of your alphazoide shizo-effective positive with your psy-do bipolar ideal on their clients and goal groups in turn.


Of course you are Vegetarian or Vegan, love to travel and are Star Trek fan.


We search as well trainees as permanent employees and commission-based employees. Please size our Cosmiunity registration form and choose profile type "Crew Member" to declare your will to cooperate and earn with us.


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