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  • * born at 4.12.1979, the year the internet was presented to the public
  • ABI Millennium 2000 passed with 3.0, best in English course
must resume:  Substitutions:
...Law science study  NA
...Goldsmith Training  Ponoko
...Maya 3D Animation Course

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  • 2005 - 2012 Accommodation at the "Scientific Institute for Normalizing" - Unfolding as free artist
  • 2011 passed Mediengestalterausbildung Gestaltung und Technik non-print at wapmedia.de and Willy-Brandt Schule with final mark 2,7
  • Self-employed as freelancer with a few assignments / private self-perfection in web-design and multimedia
  • 2016 Worked for Temporal Work Agengy "Randstad" at "Lampenwelt" and "Bio Bread"
  • Self-employed as freelancer with a few assignments / private self-perfection in web-design and multimedia


  • high assiduity
  • goal orientated
  • resolute
  • vegan
  • eloquent
  • creative


  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • CMS
  • Open Office
  • Adobe Creative Claud
  • ...


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Currently our agency is searching several specialists to extend our service portfolio. You are capable to size contractible synergies between (Multi) Media Design, Programing, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, Community, Event and Account Management, Insurance, Public Health and Dept Collection and know to unite this aspects to successful campaigns, business solutions and win win scenarios for our customers.


As exiting, megalolomaniac, compensensational and promisscuty-if character you are a scientific proven magnet for all kind of assignments and attract them with the indisputable inevitability like a black hole the light, while you shine a sunny harmonic of your alphazoide shizo-effective positive with your psy-do bipolar ideal on their clients and goal groups in turn.


Of course you are Vegetarian or Vegan, love to travel and are Star Trek fan.


We search as well trainees as permanent employees and commission-based employees. Please size our Cosmiunity registration form and choose profile type "Crew Member" to declare your will to cooperate and earn with us.


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video editing with special effects

several image editings

two different starlet portfolio web presence1

aviable up from 666 Euro / negotiatable

 1.) At two free to choose sub domains at the domains listed here. So one could express your professional exercises and the other your sex appeal, couldn't it? It's easy to arrange to redirect from a main domain to your sub so the URL of the main domain gets displayed in the browser instead of the sub domain.

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About our promo packages in general:

phase 1: contract considerations

phase 2: promotion active until goals of former signed contract have been achieved and are fulfilled.

phase 3: payments and conventional fees and result size contract consideration option

phase 4: white labeling and adapting individual result to an own product respectively tradable integrity

Phase 5: monitor public usage lurking for integrity and common assignments like legality claims while maintaining fork influence

Phase 6: worlds's wide success and fame