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summary of my structural empathy towards the justice‘s constitutional and social responsibility considering all case relevant aspects accoding to:


Appropriation consideration of Felix Czeck‘s damage reparation claim according to: 

  1. the ammout of suffering, real pain and additionally fear of death Felix Czeck went through and over this harassed with deprivation of liberty

  2. !!!stunt sallery!!! (our societie‘s christian majority state religion believes in suffering representatives, Messiahs respectively scape goats that take away their suffering respectively compensate hostile causality and disluck instead of needing to be effected by it themselves - so independently from if Felix Czeck‘s jump from the 4th floor on cold stone is considered to be a pure accident, illness respectively the result of worsening stigmatzation by criminal clientel as well as psychatrie itself or is caused by intentional causal determinative mind control by the former descriped scapegoating clientel and clients he deserves a reparation while a christian majority in our state propagades such "someone else must die for our sins Jesus dogmae"!!!

  3. Coercion of enforced accomodation at the Knuepperhaus with a majority of carniviore men about that he made clear before that it is an insulting attack against his comfortability, emotional stability and will to survive. The according authorities ignored him cruely and stubbornly.

  4. breach of supervisory duties?

  • The scope of the action for damages is composed as follows: 3x each 2x 50.000 Euro over all 300.000 Euro damage reparation for each:

    • deprivation of liberty with a degree of expression of body injury according to the stigmatizing selfd-dynamic of the massure according to exaggorated and inappropriated duration (mostly Vitos), way of treatment like harassement, stealing and beats (mostly Helios) and using my panicfull hate against especially a Knuerpperhaus-scenario with a majority of carnivore men in may it be a misalignment of entitlement based on excessive demands or may even be cold sadistic harassment especially to realize this, is and keeps at best the accusation as "negligent with almost deadly result" (Klinikum Fulda / Diakonie. According to the accusator itself it is consideration worthy to target the health insurances, the LWV, justice and state itself with the claim

reputation damage in dependency with economic losses... what would have been if the accusator had been released earlier and not been stigmatized?

  • as "sallary" to be an icluding emancipation and interests of disadvantaged representive of an even more and directly effected empath from the same view as an "even more official" fighting against struggle of mostly foreign made hostile psychotic influences in interdependency with vanitas

  • according reparation from all of that causing suffering shizo-choleric struggle regime that is sought as slaves to help

start capital for for the civil startUp and ★let agency company beyond all those disgusting "Psy Wars" in order to proove that constructive and productive industry as company is more support worthy as own best intention of civilization compatibilty than a "SUSTAINABLE STIGMATIZATION AS CHRONICAL MEDICAL-PSYCHOLOGIC CLIENT INCL. FREE SUICIDEALIZING WITH THE ONLY INDESPENDABLE CONSEQUENCE TO NEED TO DIE WORSENED BY STATE RELIGION not only shall but even more must 😾😸😺 the opposite namely a sustainability for the individual person's beauty. fittness, stability and health according to criteria of empathy, civil compatibility, appropriation and freedom of choice for a happy continuity instead of a sad end.

In the following I am demanding to withdraw any doupts about an unreasonable, unresponsible or contraproductive usage of the reparation amount money claimed by and with appropriation of ideal and karma like furthermore is extended by a civil responsible examplary task-specific usage plan so far consisting of the following aspects:

[mainly the bandwidth of the synthesis between's best ambition to become an established ★let and escord agency of interdisciplinary professions of a not only sexy, but additionally educational sophisticating and idealistic entitlement providing knowledge like furthermore practicing synergy of feauture exchange and ©heck's promo Labs as assignment-magnet and advertisment carrier for startUps from your garage company till advanced cosmic-temporal syndicates

"behaving adequate and simul -
I almost died by your conspiacy - OR FOR YOU
according to the demands of a stable society
on it's balanced path of freedom of joy till reactive reasonability
with the consequence that justice defends respectively parametices liberty
for Terras pending - cosmic - emancipation
to get honorfully highlighted then - instead of almost preferring redemption...♩ ♪ ♫ ♬"

(cynical ;-)

After all I went through from being an unvolunteerly covering much worser crimes as the world map's barok NATO center Fulda's primary flagship distraction freak, you have my very certain vow that I never will tolerate illegal exploits especially against an expected progressive Aurora de la Vega state constitution as well as also not against the my abused and violated and almost had been anihilated ego and life of myself anymore. So I vow to not only preserve and maintain the reparation capital but furthermore maximize it by investing only it's interest in social idealistic purposes as well as sustainable profit oriented in order to fulfill the entitlement to be a sucessful respectable citizen respectively CEO Admiral.

This declares in turn a unnecessariness of presenting here a serial sequence of fixed values with the claim of profit infallibility what would be almost an ecconomical and furthermore social heresy like even unfavorable insult of your as well as my own human mind. I demand to proove our common case sensitive and usage specific qualification and simply the ability in dependency with the readiness to update our each reactive mind's causal intuition from problemetizer against problemetized and the other way arround to a civil sustainable constructivity and therefore justificatability of reparation.

In the following I will announce the usual investment of a stalet and startup support agency extended by the current great primary challanges  of our planetary civilization in occurency with best balanced intention of social and environmental responsability with demands of joy and liberty tolerating neither colleteral damages nor losses!!!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Vegans for Futer receive carrier goal achievemnt support like furthermore optimize styles and methods
  • maybe a required loyalizing by the state in order to prevent a "Neon Green Army Fraction" Terrorist section
  • an important contribution to overcome world hunger and climate issues in open minded dependency to fight and defeat all aspects of especially stigmatizing trauma-causing carnivore cultism!!!

Open Source Matters

  • to empower This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to pay out developers of (enforced) GPL-2 licensed products

Social Media / Public Relations

  • from a view relevant to the state justice this means inter alia civil engagement from distracting from crown wittness untill a former ID anonymisizing or can maybe also mean the multimedial promotion of an anti-anonymisizing namely to add an aristocrazy preposition more detailed said accolade (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)!


  • ...for profit, influence and an idealistic repution from the inner heart sparkeling from ethic, ideal and ambition to to the outhern appearance and the other way arround! In example the foundation of a party with the designation of p2p-I.S.S..B.P.U.V.N. for party (= engl. for Festlichkeit / Partei) to party respectively person to person (...choose a representant fuer...) Integritaet, Sicherheit, Schutz, Bildung, Prostitiution und vegane Normung with a youth organization which shall be called "the jungen Schutzbefohlen" accordingly like an appeal to size and provide protection in the same degree of expression like the individual really desires and depends on for it's comfortability and empowers it to be a successful strong and ambitioned self-confident citizen with all knowledge about dependencies of synchrony it needs to enjoy like to provide protection.

Other Lobbyism...

  • ...for profit, influence and an idealistic repution from the inner heart sparkeling from ethic, ideal and ambition to to the outhern appearance and the other way arround! - "Fight addiction and promte the pleassure - put nobody under consume preassure..." - maybe in example inter alia "Narkonon" ;-?

In the raft (Plädoyer):



Justice for CEO Admiral Felix Czeck
Local Fridays For Future / Vegans For Futer (FFF /...

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