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UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! About the ranks at www.starfleetUpTo.date and their desired mandatory synergy... UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!

In the following you will be informed about the ranks and it's each intentions and features. Furthermore we are announcing compatibility criteria for each rank. In common they all have a strong tendency to assiduity for success and idealism. Manely we are ambitioned to provide certain knowledges and skills for you being a most successfully individual within a creative and productive upper society of idealists and visionaries.

The ✪✪✪🗲Q🗲✪✪✪ is a strong and fast learning individual based on an according objective self-estimation. ✪✪✪🗲Q🗲✪✪✪ will learn many IT- and media features. Nevertheless autodidact, never left alone with a task if support is required. The ✪✪✪🗲Q🗲✪✪✪ must be an adult who can afford as well as seize such investion constructively and enjoys the depending elitist like idealistic community flair much more than in example to play with train models or to collect stamps. Also this rank can be a potential support gift for reaching majority and an according selfemployment status or extend or escort some companie's campaign.

✪✪CEO Admiral✪✪ maybe also could be called ✪✪✪🗲Q🗲✪✪✪ light especially demanding ca. 3 complex high-end webstructures or mobile apps for the smaller bigger wallet which purposeful likes to achieve a high public resonance as famousity repecitivey desires certain support in design and web for predefined purrposes. So if the results occasional
instead will be only 2 complex high-end websites and even three additional nevertheless feauturerich web-blogs of a sophisticating ux-design and an additional causal HtmL5 indication animation can be element of an according privious negotiation.

www.starfleetUpTo.date RANKS OF THE THE CEO ADMIRALTY:

✪✪✪🗲Q🗲✪✪✪ ...will receive a copy of our databases, adobe creative cloud storage, all our software and furthermore supported the best possible way for 11 years up from the star date of the according ✪✪✪🗲Q🗲✪✪✪ registration... all that concepts and achievements so far and within that duration will be free for you to seize and alternate. Your own concepts will be realized with priority support!
✪✪CEO Admiral✪✪ A ✪✪CEO Admiral✪✪ enjoys the priviledge to receive three complex high-end webresences within three years and is as well qualified for priority support!
≛G®eate ©oordinator≛™...sells own goods within the www.starfleetUpto.date social e-commerce solution webstucture like furthermore on partner sites like additionally has the opportunity to earn with commercial raffels, beds and auctions. All ★CEO Commander★ features are incl. the ≛G®eate ©oordinator≛™ membership.

The www.starfleetUpTo.date BASIS RANKS are for beginners or people who simply like to enjoy am elitst-idealistic community life-style. No academic title is stictly recommended or mandatory here, but please consider to seize the opportunity for self-perfection nevertheless. As also a RANK OF THE THE CEO ADMIRALTY you choose an octadecimal key-color code like are also a sophisticating hobby-SETI-scientist. Your ideas and concepts are an indispensable support for the common progresses and you will have many opportunities to earn money, so that what you invest will be calculated multiple times. Dive deep into the possibilities of webdesign, information technology and promotional like idealistic activism in order to lead the so far sleepy Terra to it's interstellar awakening!

www.starfleetUpTo.date  BASIS RANKS:

★CEO Commander★ What is a CSS framework
☎ Promo Minx {Girl} ♥ CSS architecture for front-ends
★let cadettDesigning Responsive Websites
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