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Starlet Cadett / Starlet-Cadett.Scientology.cam

Congratulation towards your descion to become a Vegan! 

Nevertheless only if you are NOT HAPPY AND SATIFIED with your life-style concept and Ci as simple main stream Vegan of that disgusting pseudo-moral mono-planetary shame-disease ferengish shit that is failing entitlement according to sophistication, proud, ambition and education, if you consider a primitive oecko as the primitive oecko he is, if you furthermore NOT size Veganism as cheap excuse for exploit and abusive behaviour by decreasing the chance of conversions by representing Veganism as a disability against intellectual entitlement and proud... 

!!!...you are already most welcome here...!!!

You can call us cleavers, psychopaths or even dictators, but that will not change our mind against appropriated and success-relevant high entitlements and standards especially towards those which share our common vegan idealistic ecotrophology like consumer attitudes! That neccessarily musn't be a degeneration of a highly sophisticating hyper-light-speed culture of ethical integrity, nor an exploit against a pre-light-speed culture hitted hard by history that is nevertheless or especially because of these incidents still more afraid and frightend respectively finally half the intergity reasonable, and therefor a common advantage for both!!!

Features of ★let-Cadett.Scientology.cam:

★ semi-individual Scientology.cam sub domain
★ fast temporal forward scan audition
★ computer-aided design (CAD)
★ Webdesign
★ Programming
★ shield harmonization like causal indication and communication support stucture / Xenodiplomacy / extraterrestical correspondence / sharpen || activate weapon systems right of co-determination
★ Borg Technology *1.)
★ an individual oktadecimal ID key-color *2.)

Duties of ★let-Cadett.Scientology.cam:

★ assigned to certain planetary system
★ loyal to upper ranks

*1.) primary doesn't referr to the term "Borg" as an disgusting species 0 assimialting all arround the universe, but according to the German meaning exactly: 1st person imperative singular "rent!"! Frem the entitlement something very different than a world war two assimilarity. To be less nurdy and more clear it's causal consequence is that a ★let-Cadett.Scientology.cam enjoys full starfleetUpTo.date's  and ©heck's Promo Labs support to aquire capital for self-employed concepts with most probable Return Of Investment and profit for the investor as well as the ★let-Cadett.Scientology.cam. What "Borg" means in swedish or several alien languages and accents could be exciting to... we are certain it means sth. like Pimperial Vegan Cybernetic Trade Federation Cosmiunity Domainion's HUHUmanchine Content Management System Common Gateway Interface with the QTmins and the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as highest authority!

*2.) the individual oktadecimal ID key-color has several purrposes:
a.) Intergalaxya Citizen recognicion pattern
b.) Synthesis with alien indication technology for interstellar trade and diplomacy
c.) according products: (i.e. personal energy crystal)
ᾇ.) carefully and farsighted do research and considerations on how that i.e. crystal comes into existence, what, when and if at all what  ressources it depends on or even converts to itself
ß.) if despite all your appropriate farsightned and carefulness gets doupted and questioned, be a consequent and proud ★let-Cadett.Scientology.cam and team up with others of your kind and upper ranks in order to construct synergies of your individual ★let-Cadett.Scientology.cam indication color and light-frequency for the Flotilla Veganetia's waepon, shield, hyper-light drive-, teleporter, public health, etc. ppp technology and for your COMMON AI/AR/VR supreme status among like above all different interstellar empires, planets and megacomplex structures...!!!


Go Boldy...

...enlist in Starfleet!

enlist at starfleetUpTo.date today...

...to reach out for the Pimperial Vegan Cybernetic Trade Federation Cosmiunity Domainion's glory and might!

let Cadett at lower decks...

...sich fuer Prominente 3D scannen und vermessen synthetisieren lassen? Na klar, machen wir...

CEO Admial (fELI.x{[2ॐ❤]©zeck}] - "The vegan Cat" ...
available VFF@starfleetUpTo.date mission: To confr...

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