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JoomSMS is the best SMS Joomla extension that let you send follow-up campaigns, auto-responders, newsletters, promotions, deals, automated messages... via SMS/Text messages.

✅ Main Features

  • Send SMS/Text Messages
  • Schedule SMS to be sent in the future
  • Handle delivery reports to get statistics about your SMS
  • Send Birthday SMS
  • Send follow up SMS
  • Include personal information in your SMS (user name for example)
  • Filter your receivers to create targeted SMS campaigns
  • Send automatic SMS (when an order is confirmed, when an order is created...)
  • Manage SMS answers and execute automatic actions based on the received answer
  • E-commerce integrations: send an SMS to your buyer when the status of his order changes
  • Support +50 SMS providers
  • And more ...

👥 Users Management Features

  • Import/Export JoomSMS users
  • Manage a black list of SMS numbers
  • Sell credits to your users
  • Manage your users from the Front-end
  • Create user groups

✉️ Messages Management Features

  • Send SMS in mass
  • Schedule your SMS to be sent in the future
  • Follow-up/Birthday SMS
  • Send an SMS when an order is confirmed or created
  • Send SMS based on events
  • Include user information in your message with our tag system
  • Filtering system to deliver your SMS to a sub-part of your users
  • Send MMS to your users (Gateway specific feature)
  • Manage your conversation with a single user
  • Shorten urls inside SMS body

📥 Answers Management Features

  • Receive SMS answers
  • Execute automatically an action based on the content of the received SMS

📊 Statistics Features

  • How many messages were sent / how many failed
  • Detailed error if the message has not been sent
  • How many messages were received
  • Handle delivery reports

📲 Sending Process Features

  • Queue management system to not lose a single SMS
  • Automatic send process
  • Cron Job service

🧩 Integrations with Joomla 3rd party extensions

  • Social Networking: Community Builder, JomSocial, EasyProfile
  • E-commerce: HikaShop, RedShop, VirtueMart, JoomShopping
  • Mailing: AcyMailing
  • Content: K2, Joomla Articles
  • Users: Joomla Groups, Joomla Users
  • Events: RS Events, Event Booking, JEvents

📶 Supported SMS Providers

  • OVH
  • Nexmo
  • LOX24
  • OneWaySMS
  • SmsBroadcast
  • Twilio
  • and more ...

Last Updates

v1.2.5 (10/09/2021)


  • Display phone field in "joomla registration form" now use JLayout for better reuse  [Joomla user integration]


  • Ignore account maintenance edit page [VirtueMart Integration]
  • Some cleanup of old code [Joomla user integration]
  • Some JS issues [Joomla user integration]

v1.2.4 (16/08/2021)


  • Display username [users list] [Virtuemart integration]
  • Trim response code to avoid issues [SMS Mode Gateway]


  • Wrong user id [users list] [Virtuemart integration]
  • getErrors method missed [SMS Mode Gateway]

v1.2.3 (07/08/2021)


  • Right filter now float to right and select tag width corrected [All list views]
  • Delete user button should be displayed only if JoomSMS integration is selected


  • Send Test was not working properly [Sender Profile]
  • Fatal error when suggesting users list [Sender Profile View] [Send Test]
  • JS error when verifying code [Opt-in Feature]

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