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Display custom items or articles from multiple categories in 3d carousel. Carousel module is available in two version: 3d and normal carousel.

Data Source:

Count Items
Image type - Intro Image, Fulltext Image, Inline Image
Category Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
Category - Select
Child Category Articles - Include, Exclude
Category Depth
Tag Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
Tag - Select
Include children tags - Include, Exclude
Match Tags - Any, All
Author Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
Authors - Select
Author Alias Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
Author Aliases - Select
Featured Articles - Show, Hide, Only
Date Filtering - Off, Date range, Relative Date
Date Range Field - Created, Modified, Starting Publishing date
Start Date Range - Select
To Date - Select
Relative Date - Select
Date Field
Date Format - Your choice
Article IDs to Exclude
Article Field to Order By - Article Manager Order, Featured Articles Order, Hits, Title, ID, Alias, Created Date, Modified Date, Start Publishing Date, Finish Publishing Date
Ordering Direction - Descending, Ascending

Custom Items

Type - Image/Video
Created - author or date
Info text
Read more link
Read more text button


Style - Light/Dark
Image width size
Image height size
Slide Duration
Slides displayed
Make 3D - Yes/No
Animation Speed
Pause Time
Timer style - Pie/Bar/360Bar
Timer Diameter size
Timer position - bottom-center / top-center / middle-center / bottom-left / top-left / middle-left / bottom-right / top-right / middle-right
Pause On Hover - Yes/No
Keyboard Navigation? - Yes/No
MouseWheel? - Yes/No
Enable Controls? - Yes/No
Touch navigation? - Yes/No
Autoplay? - Yes/No
Random start? - Yes/No
Start slide

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